Commercial Security Fencing

Commercial Security Fencing

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Paramount Fence offers a wide arrangement of fencing from decorative to security fencing for residential areas but we also offer commercial security fencing for businesses, warehouses, athletic facilities, commercial properties, and institutions. Our commercial security fencing is higher and stronger than your typical residential fencing with the option of barbed wire for added security. The standard options for commercial security fence ranges in height from 8 to 20 feet tall for chain link configurations. The barbed wire on the fencing adds an additional 12 to 18 inches depending on your barbed wire configuration as well.

Why Use Commercial Security Fencing

Our commercial security fencing options are available to integrate gating systems, add privacy, keep people or property in, and keep unwanted visitors out. For safety reasons, it’s recommended to use commercial security fence around public pools to discourage unsafe swimming and / or trespassing after hours. Correctional facilities and mental illness facilities often use commercial security fence for it’s economical attributes; mainly it’s not nearly as expensive as steel reinforced concrete walls but does the same job.

Types of Commercial Security Fencing

The most popular commercial security fencing is chain link with barbed wire. We also install steel post wood commercial security fencing for added privacy. You can get wrought iron commercial security fence but instead of metal posts you can have concrete and brick strengthened post points. The commercial security fence for protecting high voltage electrical terminals is also available with regular bolt or electric locks.

Get Started with Commercial Security Fencing

To make an appointment or schedule a demonstration to see materials or finishes in person, please contact Paramount fence today. Our warehouse stores thousands of feet of fencing and we can replace or match almost any fencing very closely. So don’t hesitate and call Paramount Fence today for your commercial security fence at 630.406.8410 or fill out our easy contact form by clicking here and one of our helpful fence sales representatives will get back to your shortly with more information.

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