Local Batavia, IL Fence Installation Serving Chicagoland Suburbs

Paramount Fence is one of the most respected fence installation companies in Chicagoland serving the North, Northwest, West and Southwest Suburbs. We provide our clients with superb artistry and installation services and we are committed to working only with the most reputable fence products and suppliers. When we arrive on a property, our team springs into action. They unload their materials from the truck and begin prepping the area. They remove any old fencing and drive new holes into the ground. Our expert fence installers have the posts and fencing in before you know it. We pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Blink your eye, and your fence is complete. Learn more about our quick yet effective fencing services below.

What Types of Fences Does Paramount Fence Offer?

We are proud to present a wide array of fences for our customers. At Paramount Fence, variety and quality are vital. We want to provide our valued customers with plenty of options. Our fencing fits numerous style preferences and budgets. From beautiful wood fences to essential durable chain link, there’s a fence for your home or business. We offer:

  • Wood: Wood fences are popular with residential customers who want something rustic and attractive. Depending on what style you choose, your fence will either provide privacy, such as a solid wood fence where the boards almost touch, or a spaced picket design that gives you an open feeling while securing your yard.  Several other styles are also available as they come in a variety of types, including arched and dog-ear designs.
  • Ornamental: We provide all customers with a lifetime manufacturers’ warranty when we install decorative ornamental fences. Ornamental aluminum and steel fences and gates look impressive and require no maintenance. More importantly, they last a lifetime.
  • PVC/Vinyl: If you want your fence to look a little more upscale than chain link, PVC is a good bet. These low-maintenance fences have a long lifespan and look great. You can quickly obtain the “white picket fence” of your dreams with a PVC/Vinyl fence.
  • Chain Link: There two primary reasons why we install so many chain link fences. They are durable and affordable. They also provide plenty of protection and keep pets in the yard. For budget-conscious homeowners, a chain link fence is usually the best bet.
  • Commercial: We know how crucial security is to commercial property owners. Our line of long lasting commercial/industrial fencing will guard you against intruders and protect your investment.

How Much Do Your Fence Services Cost?

Our friendly and knowledgeable fence salespeople offer free on-site estimates. How much your project costs will depend on a variety of factors. When you meet with a salesperson, he/she will go over your specific fencing needs. We need to know the fence’s purpose and whether there is an existing fence, if we need to haul it from the property, and if dirt needs to be hauled away. All these factors will determine the cost.

What Type of Fence Should I Choose?

  • Wood: Wood is an old standby that will provide you with a rustic appearance in your yard and is very aesthetically-pleasing. However, homeowners should understand that owning a wood fence may require some maintenance. We recommend cedar because it will deter insects from the natural oils found in the wood and is naturally resistant to rot and decay. In addition, cedar is a well-managed, all natural, renewable resource.
  • Ornamental: Ornamental fences include aluminum, steel, and wrought-iron. Let’s begin with aluminum and steel which are less expensive. Of the two, aluminum is the most affordable. Those who order an ornamental fence can rely on several benefits, including cost, strength, attractiveness, and resistance to rust. While wrought-iron is attractive and dramatically increases home value, it is out of the price range of many homeowners and requires a lot of maintenance.
  • PVC/Vinyl: PVC/Vinyl fencing offers several attractive benefits, mainly the very low to no maintenance required for it. PVC/Vinyl fences beautify your property and provide you with more privacy than some other fencing options can. You can clean it using a hose and minimal scrubbing. Individuals should understand that repair costs for broken planks of PVC are higher than those of other materials.
  • Chain Link: The most significant draw of a chain-link fence is affordability. For homeowners on a budget, typically, there’s nothing more affordable than chain link. Given how low-maintenance it is, there will be little long-term cost tacked onto the initial price. They provide a fantastic level of protection and property division, while keeping that open feeling. Individuals who need to keep children and pets contained within their yards will love chain link fences.

What Areas Do You Serve?

We are proud to serve clients throughout the Chicagoland area. Our reach extends into the towns and cities that make up the Chicagoland suburbs. You can find evidence of Paramount Fence’s superior work in Kane, DuPage, Kendall, Dekalb, McHenry, and parts of Cook, Will, and Lake counties. Both residential and commercial clients have entrusted us with securing and beautifying their properties. Cities and towns throughout these counties are filled with neighbors who are happy Paramount Fence customers.

Contact Paramount Fence Today to Schedule an Appointment

We strongly encourage you to contact us if your current fence is looking a little sad and well-worn. Curb appeal is essential! A brand-new fence will make a massive difference in how others perceive your property and amplify your home’s value. Replacing a depressing-looking fence before you put your house on the market is a great way to get the most out of the sale. Even if you aren’t moving, fence replacement is ideal. The simplicity of a chain-link fence will keep your pets in the yard. The privacy of wood and PVC/Vinyl fences make backyard BBQ parties a blast. Who can deny the “wow factor” of an ornamental fence? Given our free, no pressure, estimates and trustworthy team, there’s no reason not to contact Paramount Fence today.