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High-Quality Fence Installation Services in Lemont, IL

Paramount Fence Is the Trusted Local Leader for Fence Installation

For over 15 years, residential and commercial customers have chosen Paramount Fence for fence installation in Lemont, IL. Our team of professionals provides a comprehensive and accurate fence installation process to ensure you enjoy a high-quality fence that looks fantastic and lasts. Our fencing specialists will meet with you during our on-site consultation to determine the type of fencing material you want to be installed. Next, we’ll take measurements of the property’s perimeter to ensure you receive an accurate estimate for your installation. Each fence installation project is unique, and we’ll do our best to provide you with an accurate project timeline. Schedule your on-site estimate today to get started.

The Paramount Traditional Solid fence gate in residential place at Batavia, IL

Timeless Wooden Fence Installation

A wooden fence is one of the most popular fencing types available. A new wooden fence with a classic, all-American look can add property value and charm to your home while creating privacy and preventing trespassing. We offer a wide selection of styles, including solid wooden fences, shadowbox wooden fences, wooden picket fences, and traditional wooden fences. Our fences are available at numerous heights to meet your needs. As the area’s local fence professionals, we make sure to follow all town and HOA ordinances regarding fence height and location. Our team can help you determine the purpose of your fence so you receive the protection you want.

Versatile Chain Link Fences Installed by Our Team

Chain link fence offers unmatched versatility for both home and business owners. Whether you’re using it to mark your property lines or to restrict specific areas, a chain link fence may be the best option for a durable and affordable fence. Chain link is also ideal for homeowners to ensure a designated safe area for pets and children. Many business owners also use chain link fences to prevent unwanted passersby from cutting through their property. It can also be used to create clear boundaries for specific areas around your commercial property. Our team can install most chain link fences in as little as one day.

Add Curb Appeal With an Ornamental Fence

When you want to boost your property’s aesthetic appeal while increasing security and marking your property lines, an ornamental fence installation might be the best option for you. At Paramount Fence, we offer numerous styles of ornamental fences for your home or office, including enclosed spear, ornamental flat top, and staggered puppy pickets. With options in different styles and heights, we’re certain you can find one that’s right for your needs. Ornamental aluminum and steel fences are backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, so you can feel confident that it will stand up to the harshest weather conditions.

PVC / Vinyl Fencing Is a Popular Fencing Option

When you need an affordable and durable fencing option that looks great, we recommend PVC / Vinyl fencing. It’s ideal for residential and commercial property owners who want to increase privacy throughout the area while maintaining a pleasant aesthetic. PVC / vinyl fence is incredibly easy to maintain and is manufactured to withstand harsh outdoor elements without fading or warping. We offer stunning PVC / vinyl fencing options, including solid tongue and groove, scalloped picket, spaced picket, and more. Find the perfect style for your yard.

Find the Perfect Fence for Your Property

Commercial and residential customers throughout Lemont, IL choose Paramount Fence for all their fence installation needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals can design and install a fence system to protect your property. Not only do our fences offer privacy, but they also add aesthetic appeal to your property. We know installing a new fence is a significant investment, which is why we offer special financing options to our customers. Schedule your on-site estimate today and discover the best fencing option for you.