Installing a fence on your property can be useful for many reasons. Fences can help ward off unwanted animals, section off areas of your property, and ensure privacy. While planning a fence installation, it is important to keep a few things in mind to avoid future headaches. Here are some common fencing mistakes and tips on how to avoid them:

Fence near new houses.

Choosing the Wrong Materials
Do some research before choosing materials for your fence . Ask your city or county planning commission about zoning laws. There may be regulations on the type of fence you are able to build in your area. By researching and planning ahead, you will avoid possible fines or having to remove your fence. Also, consider what purpose your fence will have. The purpose, whether it is to keep wildlife out, keep your animals in, or provide privacy, determines the type of material you will need.

Installing Gates and Posts Incorrectly
Most fences require at least two different kinds of posts: anchor posts and line posts. Anchor posts are found at the corners, dips, rises, and gates of the fence. They provide stability to the fence and are longer than line posts, so they can be driven deeper into the ground. Line posts are evenly spaced between the anchor posts. They should be as straight as possible; a crooked line post can cause strain on the fence.

Give careful thought to where you install gates in your fence. Once gate posts are installed, they are a hassle to move. Consider convenient areas of entrance and exit while planning gate placement. Place them in areas that are well-drained to avoid muddy conditions.

Interfering With Utilities
Before you begin fence installation, make sure your fence posts won’t hit any underground utilities, such as a septic tank. Utility line depth varies, and each state has different regulations on digging. Check on regulations to avoid fines, repair costs and service interruptions.

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