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A privacy fence is an absolute necessity for the average homeowner. Not only can it outline your property’s borders, it also can give you a sense of security. In most cases, fence gates are required so that homeowners are able to have access into and out of their properties. A good fence gate design addresses your needs by creating a gate that is usable, well constructed, and aesthetically complementary to the vinyl, wooden, or metal fence it joins. A great fence design takes curb appeal into consideration as well.

Learn About Fence and Gate Materials

Before you get into the design phase of your project, you need to learn about the different materials fences are made from, which include wood, pressurized wood, aluminum, steel, iron, vinyl, polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. The type of fence and gate you’ll ultimately build will depend on your needs. For example, if you’re interested in a dog-proof fence, you should think about using chain link or metal as the base material, with a lockable latch for the gate.

Check Out Design Books and Websites

Making design decisions can be overwhelming, especially if your creative juices aren’t flowing. If you need a little inspiration, take advantage of the many resources available to you. There are a plethora of design books and magazines that feature fence and gate ideas. The Internet is full of websites, pictures, and resources just waiting to be tapped. Keep yourself informed about current trends and construction techniques.

Consult a Professional

A homeowner, who has moderate construction skills—and a good amount of free time and gumption—can design, build, and install a fence. But when in doubt, consult or hire a professional to help you with your design and installation. Shop around and read client reviews to find a fence installation company that works best for you.

At Paramount Fence, Inc., we’ve made it our mission to be an industry leader in the privacy fence business. Contact us at 630-225-7680 to learn more about the long list of services that we provide, which includes fence designing and manufacturing, fence installation, and fence repairs near Chicagoland.