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Designing a fence gate involves thoughtful consideration of several factors including visual appeal, functionality, and durability. A well-designed gate not only enhances the curb appeal of your property but also serves practical purposes such as security and privacy.

Durability of wooden fence

Material Selection

One of the first decisions in designing your fence gate is choosing the right materials. Cedar is highly recommended due to its natural resistance to weather and pests, making it a durable option for any climate. As an alternative, pressure-treated pine is another strong material that withstands the elements effectively. Either choice guarantees a long-lasting gate that will maintain its integrity over the years.


The design of your gate should seamlessly match the style of your fence and the overall aesthetic of your home. Options range from solid wood gates which offer maximum privacy, to more decorative styles like shadow box or spaced picket designs which can enhance the visual appeal of your property while still providing a level of security.


The functionality of your gate is important. Consider its primary purpose, whether it’s to secure your property, provide privacy, or simply enhance your home’s curb appeal. Features such as sturdy locks, automated opening systems, and suitable heights provide increased security and convenience so that your gate meets the needs of your household.

Local Expertise

As a locally owned business, we bring a personal touch to each project. Our team, with over a century of combined experience, understands local climate conditions and community standards, which greatly influence the design and materials recommended for your fencing gate. We pride ourselves on crafting custom solutions that fit the specific needs of our customers.

Installation Expertise

Proper installation is essential for ensuring the longevity and functionality of your fence gate. Our experts are proficient in both the design and installation processes, adapting each project to the site-specific conditions. We offer free estimates and special financing programs to make the process accessible and affordable.

Durability and Maintenance

Choosing high-quality materials and professional installation pays off in the long run by minimizing maintenance needs. Our cedar and pressure-treated pine gates are designed to endure, requiring less upkeep while retaining their beauty and functionality through the years.

Community and Customer Focus

Choosing Paramount Fence means that you benefit from a partner who is invested in the community. We understand the local climate and terrain and provide personalized service that a larger nationwide retailer cannot match. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in everything we do.  Our team enjoys the process from start to finish, that is why it is important that the salesperson comes out to meet with you during for your fence consultation!

Commitment to service

At Paramount Fence, we strive to provide excellent customer service, which is why we’ve been proud members of the American Fence Association and the local Chicagoland Chapter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for almost 20 years. We boast one of the highest customer service ratings with the BBB in our area. With a focus on quality materials, expert installation, and local expertise, designing your fence gate can be a straightforward and satisfying project that enhances your property for many years.

For more information about our company or the products and services we provide, contact us via our website or speak to one of our fencing experts at 630-239-2714.