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You have gone through the process of designing and buying your new aluminum fence; now you need to care for it properly. Aluminum and chain link fencing does not need a lot of maintenance, thankfully. However, there are a few habits you should maintain to keep your fence looking beautiful and functioning perfectly.

Clean the Landscape

You should always maintain the landscape surrounding your metal fence. Remove weeds, vines, or trash that may have collected around the fence or tangled in the slats. By removing these damaging elements, you can save yourself a lot of trouble when cleaning your fences. Landscape features that collect around or on the fences can cause moisture; this moisture can cause extra rust and damage to the metal fences.

Remove the Rust

When you notice rust, or you do your biannual fence cleaning, use a fine wire brush to remove any red markings indicating rust. Make sure the brush is not a heavy or corded wire because the paint or integrity of the fence may become damaged. After scraping the rust off, rinse the fence with a mild soap and water solution. You may wish to use an approved rust converter and primer on the fence to further protect the fence from rusting.

Protect the Fence

If you have an ornamental fence, then you probably want it to continue looking beautiful throughout its lifetime. Clean your aluminum fence at least twice a year with mild soap and water. Be sure all of the hinges are greased or lubricated regularly. Use an approved metal-grade wax on your fence, as well. You will want this applied in those moisture-heavy areas the most so your metal fence will be fully protected against rust.

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