fence etiquette

When you’re considering fence installation, there are a few etiquette rules to keep in mind. Keeping in line with the Golden Rule, you would probably want your neighbors to show you the same courtesy. Here are a few things to remember when installing your new fence.

Whether you’re installing a beautiful ornamental fence, a metal fence, or a wooden fence, you should talk to your neighbors before you install it. You’ll want to be sure your fencing is within the correct property lines and regulations, as well. You can contact your local zoning board or Home Owner Association for that information. There might be restrictions on certain fencing materials, or where on the property you’re allowed to install fencing. In regards to certain materials, always be aware of how others might view your choice of fence installation. It might be a safe and solid choice, but will it be the eyesore of the neighborhood? Be courteous to your neighbors when choosing your fence.

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