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When you add a new fixture to your property it is always a good idea to talk to your neighbors. This is especially true when you add a new fence because the fence affects their property as well. Fortunately there are simple steps that you can take in order to make everyone happy. Here is a look at avoiding neighborhood disputes when putting up a new fence.


The most important part of avoiding disputes when you put up a new fence is communicating with the parties that will be affected by your decision. Think about how your fence may impact your neighbors . Will it block light from reaching their yard? Are there issues concerning your property line? You can resolve these possible conflicts through civil conversation before they erupt. Surprising your neighbors with a new fence, especially if it is a large one, can ruin good relationships and worsen negative ones.


You can make your neighbors happy by informing them that you will maintain the fence yourself; this includes both your side and their sides. You can make this easier on everyone by choosing a fence that requires little to no maintenance. It also helps to face the nicest looking side of the fence outwards so that it faces your neighbors’ yards and the street.


It is crucial to make sure that you stay within your boundaries when you install a new fence. Not only is this out of respect for your neighbors, but also for zoning regulations. Have your land surveyed so that you know where you can place your fence and stay within your boundaries. It is typically customary to install the fence one foot inside the boundary line of your property in order to be safe.

If you would like more tips for avoiding neighborhood disputes when putting up a new fence, contact the fencing professionals at Paramount Fence . We are proud to serve the St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Aurora, and Elgin areas with high quality fences. For more information about our services please feel free to visit our website or call us at 630-239-2714.