Building and painting of wooden fence.

Painting your fence is an easy and affordable way to rejuvenate your yard space. You can choose a color that is bold and unexpected, or something neutral that blends in with the natural scenery of your property. When searching for the right color, look to your house and garden for inspiration. You might want your fence to reflect or compliment the colors found in the flowers, trees, and grass in your garden. You can also paint your fence to match the trim of your home. If you have a patio, you might choose a color that blends with your patio furniture’s color palette. If your home is designed with neutral colors, any color fence can work as an accent. Keeping your fence neutral, however, can help the colors in your garden stand out.

The possibilities for personalizing your fence and property are limitless. Paramount Fence offers fence installation in several materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminum and cedar. If you are interested in enhancing your property by installing a fence, give us a call at (630) 406-8410.