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Erecting a privacy fence on your property can help make your yard a safer, quieter, more enjoyable place to spend time. When you meet with a fence design and installation specialist about the privacy fence you wish to have on your property, he or she will likely suggest using either wood or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). When choosing between these two materials, consider the following factors


The cost of wooden fencing varies dramatically from wood type to wood type. PVC fencing costs are more fixed, and are more expensive than some types of wood and less expensive than others. If you have a strict budget for your privacy fencing project, sit down with a fence installation professional to get cost estimates for the materials you would like to see utilized in your fence’s construction. This may help you rule out one material or another.

Maintenance Preferences

If you like the idea of little-to-no maintenance when it comes to your privacy fence, then PVC fencing may appeal to you. In order to maintain their aesthetic appeal, wood fences must be repainted or stained every couple of years. They are also more prone to weather-related damage, thereby requiring more of a homeowner’s attention. If you are the type who enjoys yard work and manual repairs, a wood privacy fence could be perfect for you.


Natural wood has a strong appeal to many homeowners. If you are attached to the idea of constructing your privacy fence from real wood, then you will probably be happiest if you choose cedar. If vinyl’s other benefits have you leaning toward PVC but you like the appearance of natural wood, you will be happy to know that PVC fencing is available in realistic imitation wood designs.

Regardless of whether you wish to go with vinyl or real wood, Paramount Fence has the perfect privacy fencing solution for your Chicagoland home. To speak with a knowledgeable team representative about our first-rate fences and the design and installation services we provide, call 630-239-2714.