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Backyard chicken coops have become a popular trend in recent years. Not only do chickens make good pets, they also contribute to the household groceries once they’re old enough to lay eggs. Keeping a backyard chicken coop is a bit more work than taking care of a gerbil, however. Before you purchase your flock, consider having a privacy fence installed. If you already have an established coop, schedule a fence installation right away—before your neighbors have a chance to complain.

To Block Your Neighbor’s View of Your Coop

You probably love your hens for their friendliness, and for the simple way they connect you to nature. Your neighbors might not necessarily share your views, and their own view of your coop could cause conflict. It’s not unheard of for disgruntled neighbors to file lawsuits over backyard flocks. You can ward off future complaints and litigation by getting a privacy fence installed as soon as possible. As a neighborly gesture, let others who share your property boundary know of your intentions to build a privacy fence.

To Protect Your Chickens From Predators

Hens are prey animals. Against the talons of an owl and the jaws of a snake, chickens have no natural defenses. Your flock will need a secure chicken coop, raised up off the ground slightly to discourage predators from digging to them. Every healthy flock also needs plenty of space for exercise during the day. You’ll need a fenced-in poultry run that features a top made of chain link. This will protect your hens from airborne predators, as well as coyotes, raccoons, dogs, and cats. Some flock owners like to have chain link installed underneath the run, connected to the sides of the fence. This prevents predators from digging into the run.

With more than 20 years of experience installing fences in Chicagoland, you can count on Paramount Fence to deliver exceptional quality every time. If you need a dog-proof fence for your chicken coop, we’ve got a design that works for you. Call 630-239-2714.