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A new fence installation will bring privacy and security to your yard. Before you put up a new fence, however, you may want to consult with your neighbors. Since this type of addition can alter your neighbors’ view and properly line, you will need to make sure that they are on board with your installation. To help you avoid a misstep during your fencing project, here is an overview of the basics of fence etiquette:

Observe Your Property Line

When you install a new fence, you will need to make absolutely certain that it follows the boundaries of your property line. If you accidentally install a fence that encroaches into your neighbor’s property, you may ultimately need to adjust the layout of your new yard addition. To avoid placing a fence in your neighbor’s yard, you can study your housing plans to learn the exact dimensions of your property line.

Follow Local Fencing Regulations

Every city has its own unique laws and regulations that must be followed during a new fence installation project. In anticipation for your new fence, take the time to read up on the fencing rules and regulations that may pertain to your new yard feature. By following laws regarding the height and placement of your fence, you can avoid receiving a hefty fine.

Talk to Your HOA

If you live in a community that is run by an HOA, you will also need to check and make sure that your new fence will not violate their rules. Many homeowners’ associations have strict rules regarding the appearance, height, and placement of new fences.

Once you have learned all about fence etiquette, be sure to contact Paramount Fence to set up your new fence installation. We specialize in fence repairs near Chicagoland, and our team can create the perfect red cedar fence for your property. To set up a consultation for your fencing project, give us a call at 630-239-2714.