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Owning a fence isn’t just about installing one—it’s about maintaining it, too! If you’re interested in finding out more about fencing options and upkeep, check out these sources from around the Web.

  • Find out just how great cedar heartwood is at repelling insects and fungus in this article by the US Department of Agriculture.
  • Learn about the sustainability of PVC , a component of vinyl fencing, at
  • offers some great tips on how to maintain your wood fence in this article on their website.
  • Find out under what conditions wood will rot in this article by the Forest Products Management Development Institute at the University of Minnesota.
  • Find out more about going green with environmentally-friendly cedar wood for your fence by checking out this information provided by the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association.

Are you looking to install fencing around your home? Paramount Fence offers a wide range of fencing products, as well as installation and upkeep services in Naperville, Aurora, and much of the surrounding areas. Check us out on the Web or call us at 630-239-2714 today.