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Wooden fences are beautiful and timeless, but they do need a little care to maintain their appearance. A wooden fence will last for many years through inclement weather and harsh seasons with the right preventive care. Some species of wood are particularly durable. Cedar fences have an excellent natural resistance to rot and pests and sealing and staining it will maintain a beautiful and striking appearance for years. Staining a wood fence can restore its appearance even if the fence is greatly aged, protecting it against the effects of time and pests.

  • Having your fence stained by a professional is a multi-step process that actually restores the fence itself. Stripping the paint reveals fresh layers of your wooden fence. Stain and sealant are then used to enhance and protect these layers so your wooden fence looks just like it did the day it was installed. Both stain and sealant work together to protect the fence from insects and rot. They form a durable external layer which keeps moisture and pets out.
  • Staining is a great way to bring out the natural color into fence while also adding the shade of your choice. You can darken a light fence or add a tint for a custom touch to your wooden fence.
  • Many types of advanced stain include compounds that add ultraviolet protection, which help your wooden fence resist the effects of the sun. Mildew-resistant sealants further extend the longevity of your wooden fence.

Chicagoland’s favorite full-service fence sales and installation business is Paramount Fence. To learn more about how staining can restore an aged fence or preserve the beauty of a new wood fence, contact us at 630-239-2714. We can help restore your old fence with our professional staining services and make sure that your new wooden fence stays looking great for years.