There are several reasons why a homeowner may decide to install a fence on his or her property. One of the more common reasons is to make the yard a safe place where pets can play without their owner having to worry that they will escape or otherwise be in harm’s way. For tips on designing a fence that complements your backyard dog-proofing strategy, continue reading below.

smiling dog at gate

Select a Sturdy Material
A fence designed with a dog in mind should be made of a durable material that the dog will not be able to tear down and break through. Aluminum and hardwoods such as cedar are ideal, as long as they are rooted strongly into the ground.

Choose an Appropriate Height
When choosing a fence height, consider your dog’s jumping abilities and those of any predators that live in your area. Build your fence high enough so that your dog is unlikely to escape or be attacked from the outside.

Line Fence with Shrubs
Add an additional measure of protection against escape by lining your fence with dense shrubs that will make digging under or jumping over your fence all that much difficult for your dog or an outside attacker. If digging is a major concern for you, an L-Footer fence is something else you may wish to consider.

Hire a Qualified Fence Specialist
A fencing contractor with experience installing dog-proof fences will root posts deep into the ground and attach panels securely to give your fence the extra fortification you are looking for. Since the installation of a fence is almost as important as the materials, hiring a highly regarded professional to do the job for you is essential.

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