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A chain link fence is an affordable and effective way to protect your property without obstructing views on the other side. Grass growing beneath a chain link fence, however, can detract from the fence’s appearance and make maintaining the fence difficult. To keep grass from sprouting beneath your chain link fence, heed the following advice.

Remove Grass Along Fence Line

Before construction begins on your fence, clear an area extending at least six inches out from either side of the fence line. Once you decide how large you want this space to be, carefully measure and mark the area you wish to remain grass-free. Then, using a garden spade, remove the grass from the demarcated area. To avoid potential trouble with neighbors, leave enough buffer room between the fence line and your property boundary for you to carve out this space.

Treat Area With Herbicide

In order to keep grass from cropping up in this area after your fence is built, apply a grass-killing glyphosate herbicide to the area you wish to remain free of grass. Treat the area precisely and on a day without wind to prevent accidental damage of grass elsewhere on your property.

Apply a Layer of Mulch

Once the grass-free zone has been treated and covered with landscape fabric, spread mulch, gravel, or another type of landscaping material over it. This is an opportunity for you to enhance the design of the area you wish to remain grass-free, so get creative.

Are you looking for an experienced fence design and construction professional to erect a chain-link fence on your property? Regardless of whether it is a backyard, construction site, or sports field you are looking to enclose, Paramount Fence has the experience and materials needed to build the fence you need or desire. To speak with one of our knowledgeable Chicago fence construction experts about our services or request a free cost estimate, call 630-239-2714.