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Everyone wants a white picket fence —it’s all but synonymous with the American Dream. But is it right for your home? While it is possible that a white picket fence may be the perfect boundary marking complement to your home’s exterior, there are plenty of fence alternatives that may look just as good or better against the backdrop of your home. Here are some questions that can help guide you through the process of getting a new fence.

What Are Your Home’s Exterior Colors?

Regardless of what you may have heard, white does not go with everything. White picket fences look good on homes with white exteriors, but they complement few other colors. If you really want a picket-style fence but do not want to paint your home white in the process, consider matching your home’s exterior with a beige or light blue picket fence instead.

What Is Your Home’s Style

Picket fencing is affiliated with architectural styles that are considered traditional or conservative. They look great on colonial and colonial revival homes, but not most ranch-style and modern homes. Examine your ideal fence in the context of your home, and only choose a picket fence if it seems appropriate.

Why Are You Building a Fence?

Picket fencing tends to serve more of a decorative function than a practical one. If making your home more private or keeping your dog on your property is among your reasons, a picket fence may not be your best option. Consider something that is taller and more solid in its coverage.

If you started to doubt that a white picket fence is right for your home as you answered these questions, then there is probably a better style of fence out there for you. To speak with a courteous and experienced fence sales and installation expert about choosing and erecting the perfect fence on your Chicagoland property, call Paramount Fence today at 630-239-2714.