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The phrase “white picket fence” has become so ingrained in our culture that it has moved beyond its original literal meaning to one that is used to describe the ideal representation of “the good life.” However, white picket fencing isn’t right for every home. If you are in love with this quintessentially American fence, make sure that you use the right pickets (and the right color) for your home. Here are a few tips for using picket fencing around your home.

Matching Colors

Most people think picket fences are always white. However, picket fences can be painted any color you’d like. The only reason people have the image of white picket fences is because of their long-standing association with American Colonial architecture. Largely, white is the traditional body color of these homes, so it makes sense that the picket fence would match. But when it comes to your home, the best advice is to match the color of your picket fence to the color of your home. Of course, if you must have a white picket fence, you could always paint your house to match.

Matching Style

Just as important as matching the color of the picket fence to the color of your home is matching the picket style to the style of your home. One of the best ways to match a picket fence with your home is to go off the roof pitch. For example, if you have a steeply pitched roof, then you should go with sharp, pointed pickets. The vertical height of your home will also help you determine the best picket fence style. If your home is single story, go with a shorter picket fence.

If you want to surround your home with a beautiful wood picket fence, contact Paramount Fence today. We offer a variety of wood picket fences, including dog-eared, scalloped, arched, and traditional spaced picket. You can browse all of our wood fences online. If you have questions or would like to place an order, call Paramount Fence at 630-239-2714.