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Before installing a fence around your property, you will need to sit down and decide which fencing material you want to use based on your specific needs. If privacy is one of your biggest concerns, a vinyl privacy fence is probably your best option, but if you want something simpler, a chain link fence will likely do the trick. Here are some modern fence materials that you can use for your fence installation.


Are you interested in installing a fence that will keep your backyard private and be very easy to maintain? If so, vinyl fencing is a great choice. Unlike other types of fences, you won’t have to do much to it once you have it installed, and a vinyl privacy fence will make it nearly impossible for neighbors to see into your yard. You can turn the space into your own oasis and spend more time enjoying your yard instead of maintaining the fence that surrounds it.


If you don’t mind doing some maintenance to your fence, you should look into the wide range of wooden fences that are available. There are a number of different kinds of wood that are used to build wooden fences today, and you can paint or stain a wooden fence in just about any color. You can also repair wooden fences easily by replacing any portion of the fence that needs to be fixed. You will need to be prepared to maintain the fence at least once every few years, but as long as it is installed properly, it should last you a long time.


Is an ornamental fence more your style? For years, wrought iron fences were popular amongst homeowners looking for a decorative option, but today, ornamental fences can be created using aluminum. Aluminum fencing is significantly cheaper than wrought iron and can be installed more easily. It will help set the tone for the style of your home.

Paramount Fence, Inc. specializes in installing all types of fencing and fence repairs and can help you pick out a new fence today. Call 630-225-7680 to schedule a consultation for fence installation in Chicagoland.