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Board on batten fencing, sometimes referred to as board on board fencing, is a popular and practical choice for those seeking privacy and aesthetic appeal in their outdoor spaces. This type of fencing is characterized by its unique construction method where wide boards are alternated with thinner strips known as battens. These battens are placed over the seams of the wider boards, ensuring complete privacy. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of board on batten fencing, the various design options, installation, and maintenance requirements of this popular fencing choice.

Advantages of Board on Batten Fencing

  1. Privacy – The biggest advantage of board on batten fencing is the complete privacy it provides. Unlike a typical stockade fence, the small gaps between the boards are covered with the battens.
  2. Strength – A board on batten fence is extremely strong. The overlapping boards deliver a sturdy fence that will last for many years.
  3. Appearance – A board on batten fence offers a textured appearance that gives a rich look to your fencing.
  4. Great for Commercial Properties – Its solid construction will provide complete privacy and enhanced security.

Construction and Design Variations

There are numerous variations in the construction which can significantly alter the appearance and functionality of the fence.

  1. Board Widths and Batten Sizes – While the typical design involves 4” or 6” wide boards and an average of a 1” overlap, these dimensions can be varied.
  2. Orientation – Traditionally, board on batten fences are built with vertical boards. However, a horizontal layout can offer a modern and unique appearance. The horizontal fences are meant for warm, dry, year-round climates; they do not withstand Midwest weather therefore we do not install this style of wood fence.
  3. Decorative Elements – Adding elements like lattice tops, arches, dips, or decorative post caps can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the fence. These elements can be particularly effective in blending the fence with the landscaping or architectural style of the property.

Installation process

Professional installation is highly recommended for board on batten fences. The process typically involves:

  1. Planning and Design – A professional installer can provide valuable advice on the design, taking into account factors such as property layout, local zoning laws, and homeowners association rules.
  2. Post Installation – Setting the posts correctly is important for the stability of the fence. This involves digging post holes to the appropriate depth and securing the posts firmly in place.
  3. Board on Batten Attachment – Precision in attaching the boards ensures function and the appearance of the fence.

Suitability for Different Environments

Board on batten fencing can be adapted to suit various environments:

  1. Residential Properties – Board on batten is Ideal for creating private outdoor spaces, such as backyards and pool areas.
  2. Commercial Spaces – This type of fencing is useful for businesses needing privacy, like outdoor dining areas and restaurants. This fence can be designed to complement the business’s branding and style.
  3. Rural and Farm Properties – The robust nature of this fencing variety makes it suitable for enclosing livestock or delineating property boundaries in rural settings.
  4. Urban Settings – In urban areas where space is limited, the fence can be designed to maximize privacy without taking up too much room.
  5. Variable Landscapes – The flexibility and design makes it suitable for various landscapes, including flat surfaces or steep grades.

Board on batten fencing is a versatile, durable, and aesthetically appealing option suitable for a wide range of applications. Its ability to be customized in design and size makes it a popular choice for enhancing privacy and security in both residential and commercial properties.  

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