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When you decide to install a fence on your property, the first thing that may surprise you is just how many options you have. The right fence for you may not be what your neighbor has. It really comes down to your priorities and why you want a fence in the first place. Here are some factors to consider that will help you narrow down your fencing options.

Find the Rules for Your Community

Depending on where you live, your homeowners’ association and city zoning rules may dictate what kind of fence you can and cannot have. For instance, some HOAs don’t allow chain link fences, while other cities require pool fences to be a certain height. Some neighborhoods don’t allow any kind of fencing in front yards. Check out the rules before you start exploring different kinds of fences to avoid the disappointment of settling on a fence and then finding out it’s not allowed.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Your fence may be on your property, but it doesn’t only affect your outdoor space. Your neighbors’ properties will change as well when you erect a fence. Most neighbors are amenable to fences, but talking to them before your start fence installation is a good way to keep the peace. Talk to your neighbors about your plan and the kind of fence you plan to get and be willing to listen to their concerns about the way your fence may affect their view and their property value. You should also be sure that you and your neighbors agree on the property line, so you don’t have to pay to shift your fence when it’s already in place.

Pick Your Priorities

Decide the main reason you want a fence. Is it for purely decorative purposes? Do you want to boost security, keep your dog in your yard, or increase your privacy? All of these factors will influence the kind of fence material you should choose, the color of your fence, and how tall it will be.

Let Paramount Fence make sorting through your options easier. Talk to a fence installation pro near the Chicagoland area about our huge variety of fence choices. Take the first step towards new fencing today by calling 630-239-2714.