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If you have been looking for a quality wooden fence to install around your property, you will never go wrong with a red cedar fence. These beautiful and classic-looking fences will look amazing in front of any house, no matter its style or age. On top of red cedar wood’s beautiful look, you will notice a warm and inviting smell every time you walk past your fence.

Cedar is naturally imbued with oils that help it resist rotting and attracting insects, making it one of the most durable materials for wooden fences. These oils also protect the wood from shrinking, warping, or decaying over time. As your fence ages, it will continue to look just as beautiful as the day you first installed it. Have your new red cedar fence installed as soon as possible so you can surround your property with a beautiful new fence.

Red cedar fences in Chicagoland are one of the most popular fences installed by Paramount Fence. We love installing red cedar because it rarely needs any wooden fence repairs and provides an exceptional finished product for homeowners to enjoy. Call us at 630-239-2714 to learn how we can beautify your property with red cedar.