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When looking for a dog-proof fence, dog owners should research the many types of fencing materials. From chain link to vinyl to wooden fences, there are several types of fences that work best to keep dogs protected. Continue reading for a short guide to dog-proof fencing.

Look for strong fencing materials.

Dog-proof fences need to be made from strong materials that will stand up to the jumping force of dogs and other animals. Dogs may run and jump against a fence trying to escape, and outside animals may attempt to break in the fence to reach the dog inside. Metal fences reinforced with wood create a strong fence that dogs and other animals will have a hard time breaching.

Schedule a professional fence installation.

Part of a fence installation should include reinforcing the ground that holds the fence in place. Dogs can often burrow under certain fencing structures, which can lead to an easy escape that homeowners may not notice until it is too late. Ensure that the fence installers will address the supporting ground as well as the fence installation. For example, some fence and gate installations may include laying paving stones beneath the fence to discourage dogs from digging underneath the fence. Speak with the fence installers about the best option.

Keep outdoor threats at bay.

Some homeowners may be tempted to use a wireless fence that connects to dogs’ collars and keeps them contained in a non-fenced area. However, this can be extremely dangerous for the dog, in the event a wild animal attack. Without a physical fence bordering the property—and one that is tall enough to deter a jumping dog—then domesticated dogs are in danger of being attacked by neighborhood dogs and wild animals.

Choose Paramount Fence for dog-proof fences near Chicagoland and experience our wide selection of strong fencing materials. We want our customers and their furry friends to be protected at all times, so please call us at 630-239-2714 right away.