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If you’re having a fence installed, make sure you know the proper etiquette to avoid fencing disputes with your neighbors. Make sure that you are courteous and in compliance with local regulations when establishing your fence installation plans:

Make Sure Your New Fence is Within Your Property Line
If your new fence ends up on the wrong side of your property line, your neighbor could have it legally removed. With help from your fence provider and surveyor data, you can determine exactly where your property line is. If there is no current surveying data available regarding your property, order new data.

Tell Your Neighbor about Your Fence Plans
Pay your neighbor a visit to let him or her know about your plans to have a fence installed. This little gesture goes a long way when it comes to fence etiquette . Let your neighbor know you’ve already looked into property lines and zoning regulations, and answer any questions that he or she has about the new fence.

Take Care of Your Fence
If your fence is not identical on both sides, consider having it installed with the better looking side facing out toward your neighborhood. Be sure to keep your fence looking good to those around you by cleaning and maintaining it regularly. Remove leaves and debris that gather around it and wash the fence as needed.

Talk to Your Homeowners or Neighborhood Association
Some homeowners and neighborhood associations have rules or guidelines concerning the style, color and height of fences in their communities. To avoid fence disputes with your association, familiarize yourself with these guidelines and do your best to comply. If the fence you want doesn’t meet their standards, consider talking to them or showing neighbors a fence sample and having them sign a petition if they like it.

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