Fence Maintenance Chicagoland

If your wooden fence has started to rot, you may need fence repairs to get it back into good condition. It’s important to keep your fence well-maintained to avoid fence rot and the need for wooden fence repairs or replacement. Read on to learn more about what causes fence rot.

Two Types of Rot
There are two types of rot that wooden fences typically experience: dry rot and wet rot. Both of these types of rot can wreak havoc on the structure of your fence. Dry rot causes your wood fence to dry out and break through the loss of its protective surface oils. Wet rot is caused by the wood’s continuous contact with moisture, especially where the fence is mounted in moist soil.

Inappropriate Wood Usage
Some types of wood make for better fences than others. The best type of wood to use for a fence is one that is hard and can effectively resist decay. Cypress, oak, and red cedar fences are some examples that are rot resistant. You can also choose wood that has been treated to resist insect damage and decay. Keep in mind that some types of wood are treated specifically for use in the ground, while others are meant to be used above ground.

Lack of Protection
Wood that has not been stained or treated with a protectant is especially vulnerable to fence rot. Consider applying an additional coat of stain every year in order to help your wooden fence resist moisture-induced rot and decay. One way to check the effectiveness of your stain is to spray a portion of your fence with water. The water should immediately bead up on the surface of the wood. If the water is absorbed into the wood, you may need to add an additional layer of protection to your fence in order to keep rot at bay.

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