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In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, poolside fence installations in Naperville can also be practical. Dog-proof fences can keep your pets—as well as your children—from accidentally ending up in the pool. Here is a brief look at pool safety fence options.

In order for your pool safety fence to be effective, it must meet certain requirements. The fence must be tall enough that pets, children, and wild animals cannot easily scale the barrier and access the pool. You will also need a sturdy material such as a wooden or aluminum fence that cannot easily be broken down. If you choose to go with a picket fence or one that has separate vertical components, make sure that there is not enough space between pickets for children or animals to fit through.

Would you like a closer look at pool safety fence options? Call the fencing professionals at Paramount Fence at 630-225-7680. We provide Naperville with a variety of fencing services including fence installations and repairs. Please feel free to visit our website to learn more about our vinyl, aluminum, and metal fences.