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Wooden picket fences go back in our country’s history all the way to colonial times. They were used in a functional way to keep children in and certain animals out. However, chickens use to fly to the top of the fence and then continue on down into the yard. The pointed tops of today’s pickets were invented to prevent any birds from landing on them. Pickets used to be mounted into the soil until people realized that this caused them to rot away. Today, they are held just above the soil with two horizontal cross-bars connecting them to the fence posts. They also serve more of a decorative purpose than they did in older times. Cedar and redwood can be used to attain a rustic aesthetic, while white painted fences are a very popular option to pair with a beautiful flower garden. In recent years, vinyl picket fences have been used as an alternative. They are easier to maintain since they do not rot, and you do not have to repaint them.

Paramount Fences helps the people of St. Charles, Elgin, and the surrounding Chicagoland area with all of their fencing needs. Alongside our excellent customer service, we provide wood and vinyl fences, among other options. Call us today at 630-225-7680 to find out more.