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As a homeowner, you may opt for a new fence installation in Chicagoland for any number of reasons; maybe you want extra privacy, a curb appeal boost, or a way to outline your property. Many individuals choose a driveway gate because it satisfies all of these criteria. Read on for a look at some driveway gate options.

Type of Gate

A fence installation such as a driveway gate offers the unique ability to define exactly what visitors will see upon arriving at your home. First, you must determine what kind of gate you would like. A sliding driveway gate is appropriate for hilly driveways; these gates may slide open in one direction or part and slide in opposite directions. If you have a relatively level, flat driveway you may prefer a swinging gate. Like sliding gates, these may consist of a gate that swings open in one direction or one that parts in the middle with two panels swinging away from each other.

Gate Style

Once you have determined what kind of gate you are looking for, consider the style of your driveway gate. Metal and wood both tend to be popular choices; a metal fence provides plenty of transparency and offers a modern look that may enjoy a long working life. A wooden fence is a bit more rustic and promotes a greater amount of privacy for the homeowner.

Opening and Access

You have already decided in what fashion your gate will open, but you must also determine exactly how it will operate. Many driveway gates respond to a unique key code that is created by the homeowner, while others rely on remote entry similar to garage door openers. Some individuals find telephone entry most convenient, in which a call from your house can grant access to the property.

Would you like a closer look at driveway gate options? Call Paramount Fence at 630-225-7680. We are happy to serve the Chicagoland area with vinyl, PVC, and red cedar fences. Feel free to visit our website or stop in and see us if you would like to know more about our fence installations and repairs.