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Owning a pet can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, and many pet owners treat their furry companions as part of the family. These individuals are likely to choose dog-proof fences in Chicagoland in order to keep their pets safe and at home. Continue on if you are interested in protecting your four-legged friend with a dog-proof fence.

Fence Type

Domesticated animals, especially dogs, may be inspired to try to escape from home for a variety of reasons; they also have a bunch of methods that they can use to do so. This is why your fence must be made of a durable material that cannot easily be chewed through or dug under. Wooden fences are popular choices because they are difficult to chew through but will not harm an animal that tries, making them a safer alternative to chain link fences.

Height of Fence

If chewing through the fence and digging under it are both out of the question, your four-legged friend will probably try to jump over it next. This is where the height of your fence becomes important. Although a short wooden fence may be difficult for your pet to get through or under, even a small dog may be able to jump over it effortlessly. Make sure the height of your dog-proof fence is proportional to the height that your dog can jump; always add a few extra inches just to be safe.


The beauty of fences is that they can be as visually pleasing as they are functional. Consider a wooden fence with horizontal or vertical slats so that sunlight can still reach flowers and plants in your backyard, and experiment with colors until you find a fence that looks great on your property.

For more information about dog-proof fences contact Paramount Fence or visit our website. In addition to dog-proof fences, we specialize in wooden, chain link, and vinyl fences. If you would like to learn more about our fence repairs and installations, please do not hesitate to call us at 630-225-7680 or stop by and meet with us today.