Sea Salt

Even individuals who much prefer sweet to savory are thankful for salt in the wintertime, when it serves as the most effective way to combat the snow and ice that overtake the Chicago area. Just as you have to clean your car regularly and park it in a covered place to safeguard it against rust damage, you may also need to take a few precautions to spare your fence from rock salt damage.

Aluminum and vinyl fences are not susceptible to salt damage and require no special attention on this front. If you have a cedar fence, however, you will want to protect it from snow-melting salt. You can do this by refraining from using salt anywhere near your cedar fence and by covering the fence with burlap when heavy snow is forecast. Burlap is inexpensive, easy to use, and prevents cracking and discoloration due to rock salt.

If your cedar fence suffered during the polar vortices of this past winter and is in need of repair or replacement, entrust Paramount Fence with the task. To speak with an experienced and friendly fence contractor about our services, call (630) 406-8410. You can also contact us online to request an estimate for your fence project.