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A well-maintained cedar wood fence is a durable investment that can add curb appeal and functionality to a home. Keeping a wood fence in a good state of repair does require some effort, especially in the wintertime. In addition to winterizing your fence in late fall with a thorough cleaning and staining , you should take the following steps throughout the wintertime to further protect your fence against seasonal damage.

Keep Your Fence Clean

Thoroughly cleaning your fence and then staining it with a water-repellent sealant after it has had a few days to dry is the best way to prevent exposure-related fence damage during the wintertime. Check on your fence every few weeks to ensure that no leaves or debris have accumulated, and cover it with burlap on heavy snow days to protect it against damage.

Check the Foundation

Frost causes soil to move in ways that can damage fences with shallowly rooted posts. Check your fence’s foundation to ensure that it is strong, and hire a fence repair professional if you think it could use some fortifying. In order to withstand winter soil shifting, your fence posts should reach at least three-feet below ground.

Trim Branches

Falling tree branches can cause significant structural damage to a fence. Protect your wood fence by pruning at the beginning of the winter season and any other time you see branches that have grown too long or look precarious.

At Paramount Fence , we offer a host of cedar fence care and repair services. Regardless of whether you are looking to stain your fence before the next long winter arrives or replace your fence after the beating it has taken over the past few months, we can help. To enquire about our fence services or to request an estimate, call 630-239-2714.