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There are several reasons to install a fence in your yard. Perhaps you have a dog you wish to keep safe from outside threats and prevent from escaping, or maybe you have a pool in your yard and your neighborhood requires that there be a fence around it. You might even think that a fence will improve your home’s curb appeal or help block out that unsightly structure your neighbor has erected. But if your primary reason for creating a fence is so that you can better enjoy your privacy, keep the following factors in mind throughout the fence design and construction process .

Fence Height

The ideal height for your privacy fence depends in large part on what it is you are seeking privacy from. If your main goal is to keep curious gazers at street level from looking into your home, a six-foot fence should do just fine. If you have next door neighbors with second-story windows that overlook your yard, you might have to build a bit higher.

Fence Material

Certain fence materials lend themselves to the provision of privacy better than others. Chain-link fences, for example, contain large diamond-shaped gaps that provide very little privacy. Aluminum, vinyl, and cedar wood may all serve as good privacy fence materials, so long as panels are fitted snugly together.

Mother Nature’s Assistance

A fence is a great means through which you can obtain privacy in your yard. By lining your fence with thick, fast-growing shrubs and planting shade trees in just the right places, you can cover up any privacy gaps that exist in or around your fence. Other landscaping features, such as pergolas and wood panels , may also be used to secure privacy in your yard.

With more than 20 years’ experience serving residents and businesses in the Chicagoland area, Paramount Fence is a name you can trust when it comes to building a new fence around your home or business. To speak with one of our experienced fence contractors further about how a cedar or vinyl fence can enhance your privacy, call 630-239-2714.