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Chain link fences are popular, versatile, and affordable, and now, they look better than ever before. There are many different ways that you can refresh the appearance of your chain link fence. If you’re ready to update the way your chain link fence looks, consider giving these ideas a try.


Paint is an easy way to update the look of your chain link fence. If you want your fence to blend into your property more, consider painting it a natural color, like dark green or brown. If you want to make it pop, choose a brighter color that works with the exterior of your home. To make sure that you get an even look with your paint, clean the fence thoroughly and use a wire brush on any rusty areas. If rust has caused some of the surface of the fence to peel away, coat the area with a primer. Make sure that the grass has been moved around the perimeter of the fence before you start painting, and protect any plants nearby with a tarp. Use a roller rather than spray paint so you don’t inadvertently coat your lawn with paint.

Privacy Slats

If you want your chain link fence to give you more privacy, you can boost your private space while giving your fence a facelift with privacy slats. Slats can be installed along the back of your fence diagonally, horizontally, or vertically, and once in place, they obscure the view through your fence. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs, so you can decide if you want a subtle look that blends into your property or if you want to create an eye-catching design.


You may decide to change the appearance of your chain link fence without making any changes to the fence at all. By planting shrubs along your fence, you can increase your privacy and your property’s curb appeal. You can also opt for climbing plants that grow on your chain link fence and soften their appearance.

From chain-link fences to red cedar and ornamental fences, Paramount Fence can help you pick the right one for your property. You can learn more about all of our options by calling our fence installation company in Chicagoland at 630-239-2714.