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If you want to enjoy your fence installation for as long as possible but you live in an area with frequent inclement weather, it’s important to choose a fence that will hold up. Some fence materials will offer aesthetic appeal at the cost of high maintenance, while others practically maintain themselves. Continue on to see how different fence materials stand up to the elements.


When it comes to wooden fences, the durability depends on the installation and the type of wooden fence that you choose. While some types of wooden fences tend to be susceptible to rot and decay, western red cedar fences are typically resistant to these setbacks. This is an important consideration because rot and decay can quickly transform a beautiful fence into an eyesore for the entire neighborhood. Talk to your fence installation expert about how you can protect your wooden fence from the elements.

Chain Link

Thanks to the options available today, chain link fences are no longer coveted purely for their practicality. Modern chain link fences come in different colors and designs so that you can keep people and animals off of your property without sacrificing your curbside appeal. Fortunately, this fencing style still retains its ease of maintenance and its durability, making it a great choice for practical homeowners who don’t have much time to dedicate to upkeep. Chain link can be a great choice if you’re looking for a durable, affordable, and attractive fencing option.


A PVC fence combines the best of all worlds by offering a sturdy yet aesthetic fencing option that requires minimal maintenance. This type of fence installation also comes in a wide array of styles and designs. No matter what your PVC fence design looks like, however, it should hold up well against the elements.

Are you in need of a fence installation in Chicagoland? Talk to the professionals at Paramount Fence to find out if a metal fence or a red cedar fence would be a better choice for your purposes. Please give us a call at 630-239-2714 or visit our website for details.