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A new fence installation may serve one of many purposes: You may want to relax in your yard behind the security of a privacy fence, or you may want a practical way to keep your kids and pets close to home. Read on if you would like to find out how you can keep your dog safe with a dog-proof fence.

Choose the Right Materials

dog-proof fence can offer you a little extra peace of mind as long as it is properly designed and maintained. Part of the design process includes determining what kind of materials will protect your dog and keep it safe. Chain link fences might injure your dog if it attempts to chew through it, and some types of wood fences may not be able to stand up to your dog’s clawing and chewing. Consider a sturdy wood or a vinyl fence for your dog.

Determine the Proper Fence Height

Once you have decided on fence material, you will then have to determine the proper height. You can do this by assessing how high your dog can jump and setting your fence height accordingly. Keep in mind that some small dogs can jump even higher than other large dogs. It is wise to add a couple of extra inches to the height of your fence as a safety net, and it helps to remove anything that could help your dog jump over the fence.

Consider Other Animals

The final component to your dog-proof fence design is the consideration of other animals. Although the slats of your wood fence may be close enough together to keep your dog in the yard, they may not be close enough to keep cats, squirrels, and other animals out. Your slats should be tall and close together for this reason.

If you are interested in keeping your dog safe with a dog-proof fence, contact Paramount Fence or visit our website. We offer fence installation and repair services in addition to dog-proof fences near Chicagoland. Please stop by and meet with us or give us a call at 630-225-7680 for more information about our services.