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A big, sloping landscape can break up your yard, but it’s also an element to consider if you’re looking for a privacy fence. As long as you consider the elevation of your yard and pick the right kind of fencing material, however, the professionals should be able to install an effective and cosmetically pleasing fence. Read ahead and see how you can still have a privacy fence with a sloping yard.

Adjust for Elevation

Depending on how you plan for the design and set up, you might be able to get a unique aesthetic out of your fence installation in a sloped yard. The point of a privacy fence is to make it more difficult for people on the other side to see onto your property. Consider the angle at which your yard slopes. If your yard slopes away from your house and everyone behind you can see you when you stand on your back porch, the bottom section of your fence will need to be taller. In the case of an extreme slope, your slats and pickets might vary in size and height.

Choose the Right Style

A chain link fence isn’t the best choice if you want privacy, so you can narrow your search down right off the bat. Even if you live on flat ground, the style and materials will determine whether your fence is actually a privacy fence or not. Privacy fences typically have slats that are close together. This leaves less room for people to see between them, and is something you should think about when installing a privacy fence in a sloped yard.

Ask for Help

When you work with the right fence installation company, anything’s possible. The experts will help you design your fence and install it so you get the privacy you need.

Whether your yard has a slope or is completely flat, Paramount Fence can set you up with the fence installation in Chicagoland that you’re looking for. All you have to do is visit our website or call us at 630-239-2714, and we can tell you about our red cedar fences.