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chain link fence isn’t always the most attractive option, but it can provide your home with a number of other perks. Additionally, you can take certain steps to make your chain link fence more attractive so you can enjoy the aesthetic and practical advantages. Read on for tips on planning a safe dog run for your furry friend.

Your furry pal deserves to live in comfort and safety, so you should put some thought into the type of dog run you choose. A safe dog run will give your canine friend plenty of space to move around and exercise. This means it should be about double the width of the dog and 5 times longer. If you have the space for it, feel free to go bigger. It’s wise to choose a fence that you can see through so your dog can look around and you can check on him on a regular basis.

There are countless reasons to look for a new fence installation in Chicagoland, and Paramount Fence can help you find just what you’re looking for. Tell us about your dog and we’ll tell you about our dog proof fence options. You can also call us at 630-239-2714.