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Discussing your fence project with your neighbor is more than a simple courtesy; it’s a vital step in fostering good relations and ensuring the project proceeds smoothly. As a locally owned business deeply rooted in our community, we understand the importance of maintaining friendly neighborhood ties. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider talking to your neighbors about your fence:

Fence project with your neighbor in Illinois

Understanding Property Boundaries

Before installing a new fence, it’s important to confirm property lines using your plat of survey to avoid potential disputes. A conversation with your neighbor can help clarify any discrepancies and prevent legal issues. This proactive approach not only maintains peace in the neighborhood but also respects everyone’s property rights.

Shared Costs and Maintenance

In many cases, neighbors may share the cost and responsibility of maintaining a fence that sits on the property line. Discussing plans for a new fence can open opportunities for cost sharing, making it a financially smart move for both parties. It’s an approach that can lead to significant savings and collaborative maintenance efforts.

Aesthetic Harmony

A fence doesn’t just define your property, it contributes to the neighborhood’s overall look. Talking to your neighbors offers a chance to discuss styles and materials, ensuring the fence enhances both your home and the community’s aesthetic. Our expertise in creating high-quality fences, including popular styles like solid wood, shadow box, or spaced pickets allows us to design something that can complement both properties.

Enhancing Goodwill

Open communication builds goodwill and strengthens community bonds. By discussing your fencing plans, you show consideration for your neighbors’ views and preferences, which can enhance long-term relationships and foster a friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

Professional Guidance and Experience.

With over a century of combined experience, our team is not just selling fences. We’re offering peace of mind with top-tier customer service and expertise in fence design and installation. Our commitment to providing high-quality, durable fencing options like cedar and pressure-treated pine, ornamental aluminum, PVC/Vinyl and Chain Link ensures that you’re investing in solutions that will stand the test of time.

Tailored Solutions

Every homeowner’s needs are unique and so should their fence be. By engaging your neighbor in the planning process, we can tailor solutions that meet the precise requirements of both households, ensuring satisfaction on both sides of the fence. Our free fence estimates and special financing programs are designed to provide flexibility and affordability to our clients.


Discussing your fence project with your neighbor not only avoids potential conflicts but also ensures that the fence meets both functional and aesthetic needs. By choosing to engage with your neighbor, you’re taking a step toward a more harmonious living environment and a beautifully fenced property.

At Paramount Fence, we strive to provide excellent customer service, which is why we have been members of the American Fence Association for almost 20 years and members of the local Chicagoland Chapter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for almost 20 years. In fact, we have one of the highest customer service ratings with the Better Business Bureau in the area.

For more information about our company or the products and services we provide, contact us via our website or speak to one of our fencing experts at 630-239-2714.