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Selecting the right fence for your dog involves several considerations to ensure their safety and comfort. As a locally owned business with over a century of combined experience, we are committed to providing high-quality fencing solutions that meet the unique needs of pet owners. Here are some factors to consider:

High quality fencing

  • Height and Security – The height of the fence is one of the first considerations. It should be tall enough to prevent your dog from jumping over. Thus, larger breeds might require taller fences, typically around six feet, while smaller breeds could be contained with shorter fences. Also, check for spaces beneath the fence that could allow a pet to crawl under and escape by making sure the fence touches the ground or has a minimal gap.
  • Durability and Materials – The choice of materials is also important. Aluminum, vinyl, and wood are common options, each with their distinct advantages. Aluminum fences are durable and offer a sleek look, but might not provide the privacy some owners prefer. Wood fences offer traditional appearances and can be built to various heights and picket spacing, making them a popular choice among dog owners. Our cedar and pressure-treated pine fences are especially popular for their durability and natural resistance to weathering.
  • Visibility – Consider your dog’s temperament and its needs for social interaction. If your dog is curious and likes to watch the world go by, a fence with wider gaps or chain link style might be appropriate. For dogs that are easily agitated by external stimuli, a solid fence provides less visual exposure to passing traffic and pedestrians, helping to keep them calm.
  • Maintenance – Think about the maintenance required for the fence you choose. Wooden fences need regular treatment if you want to keep the “new wood” look, while aluminum and vinyl are lower maintenance options. Our team offers comprehensive advice on maintaining each type of fence to keep it looking great and functioning well for many years.
  • Installation and Customization – Professional installation is key to ensuring that the fence is secure and properly constructed. Our team is skilled in designing, building, and installing fences to meet exact specifications, accommodating any unique landscape features or personal preferences. We also provide free estimates and special financing programs to make the process easier for our customers.

By considering these factors and working with our experienced team, you can select the perfect fence to keep your furry friend safe and happy.

Why Choose Paramount Fence?

Choosing a locally owned company like ours means receiving personalized services and support from experts who understand the local climate and community. We’re not just another fencing company; we are a part of your community, dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and crafting fences that meet the specific needs of our clients and their pets. We strive to provide excellent customer service, which is why we have been members of the American Fence Association and the local Chicagoland Chapter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for almost 20 years. In fact, we have one of the highest customer service ratings with the Better Business Bureau in the area.

For more information about our company or the products and services we provide, contact us via our website or speak to one of our fencing experts at 630-239-2714.