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A common reason that many people start to consider getting a fence is because they get a dog. Letting your dog run around in the confines of your enclosed yard is fun for your pet and relieves you of the worry of your dog running free. However, not all fences are created equal, so it’s important to choose a dog-proof fence that actually keeps your pet safely confined. Here are some of the things you should consider before your fence installation.

How high can your dog jump?

Although dogs can’t jump as high as cats, many breeds can leap surprisingly high. Your fence should not only be high enough to keep your dog from climbing over it but also high enough so that your dog can’t jump over it. For most breeds, a fence that is six feet high is sufficient, but some dogs are able to jump higher or will learn to jump higher just to get out. If you’re worried your dog can clear six feet, build your fence higher from the start rather than trying to update it later.

Does your dog like to climb?

If your dog is a capable climber, then a chain-link fence is an invitation to escape. For climbers, choose a fence that has smooth sides, like a wooden fence, that doesn’t have places your dog can use as footholds. If you choose a solid wooden fence, an added benefit is that your dog won’t have a view of all of the other dogs, people, and squirrels going by, which will make him or her less likely to bark.

Is your yard dog-friendly?

Your dog will be less likely to try and climb your fence if your yard is a fun place to be. Keep some toys out for your pup to play with, and make sure it is safe for him or her. Don’t give your dog access to a pool that he or she can get into without supervision.

Paramount Fence can help you select the best dog-proof fence in Chicagoland for your pup and then handle the fence installation for you. You can learn more about all our fencing services by calling 630-239-2714.