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Whether you’re building a fence to increase your privacy, keep your pets safe, or simply just to improve your home’s curb appeal, there are some important steps you must take before the fence is installed. You definitely want to do your homework to make sure you are building the right fence for your needs, but you also want to make sure that everything is in order beforehand to help your fence installation go as smoothly as possible.

Know What You Want

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself what your reason is for installing a fence. This is important since the fence design and material you choose will largely depend on your needs. For example, while a chain link fence is appropriate for strictly utilitarian needs, you will probably want something more solid if you’re looking for a fence to block noise or add privacy.

Know What You Can Have

After you decide on the type of fence you want to build, it’s a good idea to check local building codes and HOA regulations to determine if there are any limits on the design or dimensions of the fence you can have. For example, some neighborhoods do not allow fences over five feet high. Your HOA may also limit the color and materials of your new fence.

Know What You Can Afford

As with any home improvement project, it’s a good idea to set out with a budget in mind. You may end up over this initial amount, but setting a budget upfront can help you be more realistic about what you can afford. Your fence installation provider may offer financing programs to help make your fence more affordable than you thought.

If you’re planning a fence installation, Paramount Fence can help. We have been one of the premier fence companies in Chicagoland for over 20 years. Visit our website to learn more about the fences we can build for you, or call us at 630-225-7869 to speak with one of our fence installation experts about your needs.