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Do you feel that your yard needs more privacy? Do you have pets or young children who you want to keep safe when they are playing outside? No matter what your reasons, building a fence is a great way to improve your home. Check out the following guide to learn about a few of the factors you should consider when selecting the materials, height, and style of your new fence.

Your Goals

If you are building a fence, you likely have a specific goal in mind. The type of fence you choose should meet that goal. If you want your yard to be more private, look for a tall fence with boards that are close together. For a pool fence, choose a sturdy option that children cannot climb over or slip through. It can be helpful to talk to your fencing company about your goals, as they may have suggestions to help you with the design.

Maintenance Needs

Different fence materials have different maintenance needs. Some only need to be cleaned every so often, while others need to be repainted or resealed to maintain their beauty and functionality. Be realistic when considering how much time you’ll be willing to put into maintaining your fence in the years to come.

Your Landscape

If your yard is already landscaped, you should be sure to select a fence style that will work well with your current plants and hardscape features. For example, an ornamental aluminum fence can accent a formal garden very nicely, while a picket fence may be perfect for a traditional front yard. If your yard is a blank slate, you can do the opposite—choose the fence you want, and then add shrubs, flowers, pathways, and other features that look great with the fence.

Local Regulations

In many areas of the country, there are regulations put in place regarding residential fences. It is essential that you research the regulations in your area and design your fence to abide by these rules.

At Paramount Fence, we are committed to helping our customers design the perfect fences for their yards. If you live in the Chicagoland area and are considering building a fence, we can help you select the right material and style to fit your needs. Call 630-239-2714 to find out more