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The timeless appeal of wood fencing has contributed to this material’s enduring popularity, even in the face of materials such as vinyl that have proven to be highly durable and virtually maintenance-free. One of the most desirable and high-performance wood fencing options is western red cedar . Used by reputable fencing design and installation specialists for decades, western red cedar boasts the following advantages over other common fencing materials.

Perennial Beauty

Cedar wood really does have a one-of-a-kind beauty. The wood has been a favorite for centuries, and its rich red color and intoxicating smell continue to be appreciated by homeowners and builders alike.


Red cedar has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that make it more resistant to pest- and weather-related decay than most other woods. Recommended annual maintenance procedures should still be taken, but a well-constructed cedar fence that is properly cared for is likely to retain its eye-catching appeal for well over a decade after installation

Favorable Aging Properties

Most types of wood fence must be painted or stained quite regularly in order to maintain their aesthetic appeal. Western red cedar is unique in that it fades into a generally attractive silver-gray. Homeowners can choose between staining a red cedar fence and leaving its color as is.


To most people, the smell of cedar is almost divine. That same smell, however, is anathema to the pests that tend to bore into and destroy other types of wood fencing. When the frost melts away in the spring and Chicago transforms into a seasonal pest paradise, those wood-boring insects will steer clear of your cedar fence.

At Paramount Fence in Batavia, we know cedar. For more than 20 years, we have bee constructing stylish and durable fences throughout the Chicago area with only the finest western red cedar. To learn more about our privacy and picket fence design, installation, and staining services, call 603-225-7680.