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Professional fence staining ensures that your wood fence comes away with an even, quality stain that will last. If you’re the DIY homeowner though, this helpful video offers up some of the best methods to consider if you are looking to stain your own wood fence.

  1. Purchase a brush and a roller. A brush is used to stain the smaller, harder to reach portions of the fence, while a roller is used to stain larger, easily reachable areas.
  2. Stain your fence two to three weeks after it’s installed. This gives the wood time to dry and completely absorb any treatments it received prior to installation. If you stain your wood fence too soon, then you might end up with an unevenly stained fence.
  3. If you are staining a large fence, then consider purchasing a stain sprayer, which can span a larger space and will take up less time than a traditional roller or brush.

Paramount Fence brings over 20 years of experience in the fence business to homeowners throughout Chicagoland. If you have any questions about fence staining or want to install your own vinyl, cedarwood, wrought iron, or aluminum fence, then contact Paramount Fence at 630-239-2714.