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Wood fences are beautiful additions to any yard, but they do require a bit more maintenance than some other forms of fencing to maintain their quality appearance. If you have a wooden fence, performing a small amount of regular maintenance can help you avoid large issues that require more complex fence repairs. Follow these steps to keep your wooden fence in top condition.

Clean Dirt and Mildew

Getting dirt on the surface of your wooden fence is inevitable. Mildew is also likely to grow, because wood is so prone to holding moisture. To clean your fence, use a store-bought mildew cleaner on the affected portions and then a soft scrub brush with soapy water on the rest of the fence. Rinse everything clean with a pressure washer or hose. You can clear dirt about once per year, but you should clean mildew whenever you see it growing.

Re-stain or Repaint

Re-staining or repainting your wooden fence every few years will not only keep it looking its best but will also help to protect the wood from moisture, insects, and other types of damage. To paint, use a roller or brush to apply two coats of the stain or paint, allowing the first coat to dry thoroughly before adding a second. If your fence is not painted or stained, then you will need to apply a water sealer to the surface annually.

Caulk Between Wood and Posts

Find the areas on your fence where the wood meets the concrete posts and apply a layer of caulk. Caulk helps to prevent the wood from sucking up water when the concrete gets wet. Reapply the caulk once per year to maintain a good seal.

Paramount Fence offers wooden fence installation, including red cedar fences, as well as wooden fence repairs, to keep your fencing looking its best. If you are interested in a wooden fence in Chicagoland, call 630-239-2714.