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If you have a backyard pool, a fence should be an essential part of the design. Fencing is required by law in most areas, and your insurance company is likely to require it as well. Fencing also ensures that your pool is as safe as possible for kids and pets. Before your fence installation, check the legal design requirements in your area to make sure you design it appropriately. Your fence company should be able to assist you with the proper design. Keep these features in mind that will significantly improve the safety of your pool fence.

Self-Latching Gates

It’s important for any gate leading into the pool area to both close and latch itself. A self-latching gate means that even if someone walks out and fails to secure it, you can be confident that the gate will remain latched. A latch makes it difficult for children to enter the pool area without adult supervision. Additionally, the gate should open outwards instead of pushing in. An outward gate is more difficult for young children to operate.

Little-to-No Spaces Between Slates

Whatever materials you use for your fence, you should have a minimum amount of space between the slates, if there is any at all. No openings should be wide enough to make the fence climbable. Vertical slats with minimal spacing are safer than horizontal slats. Solid fences are also ideal, since they are nearly impossible to climb. For chain link fences, consider installing mesh behind the openings or adding additional slats through the links to make them harder to climb.


If your home is forming one side of the pool barrier, having a door alarm that sounds when the door to the pool area is opened is essential. You can also install alarms on your pool fence gates so that you know if someone enters your pool from outside.

Paramount Fence can help you build and install a fence that complements your outdoor space will increasing the safety of your pool area. Contact us today at 630-239-2714 for more information about fence installation in Chicagoland.