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Suburban homes continue to be built on increasingly smaller lots, even as the demand grows for outdoor living areas. When your neighbors’ homes overlook your yard, it’s easy to feel as though you live in a fishbowl. Whether your goal is to avoid prying eyes or shield your view of the neighbors’ activities, you need a way to create privacy. Here are some tips to inspire you.

Install a Privacy Fence

For the best results, choose a privacy fence without spaces between the boards. Base the height on the slope of your yard and the surrounding properties, remembering to account for municipal ordinances in your neighborhood. If you don’t want a tall fence all the way around your yard, you can install one with a stair-step design that only includes taller sections where you need them.

Soften the Appearance of a Privacy Fence

While it solves your problem, a traditional privacy fence may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option. Fortunately, you can break up the solidity of a board fence by including a decorative lattice or baluster top. If you have room for them in your yard, adding planter boxes, shrubs or climbing vines softens the fence with a little greenery as well.

Extend Your Privacy Above the Fence

Did the neighbors recently build a second-story deck with views straight into your yard? Help block that view by planting a tall tree or two in front of your privacy fence. This way, you have privacy at ground level as well as from onlookers with a second-story vantage point.

Add Privacy Slats to Existing Fences

Perhaps you already have a chain-link fence to keep your dog confined to the yard, but this does little to prevent your nosy neighbors from peering into your yard. Privacy slats are an affordable upgrade that eliminates the need to replace your entire fence.

Plant Privacy Hedges

Dense, evergreen shrubs provide year-round privacy for your yard. While they’re typically not restricted to building code heights the way fences are, remember that it will take years for the plants to grow to a desirable size.

Set Up Trellises, Pergolas and Privacy Panels

It might not be possible to screen your entire yard, but you can shield the patio, deck or outdoor kitchen with a combination of trellises, pergolas and privacy panels. These provide a partially enclosed area for protection against the elements and prying eyes while still allowing you to enjoy the beautiful weather. Climbing vines, potted plants, and other greenery complete the oasis.

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