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While your garden may look nice as it is, you may be able to improve its appeal by adding a fence installation in Naperville. Since fences come in many different sizes, styles, and colors, you should have no trouble finding the perfect fence to accent your garden. Here is an overview of choosing a new fence for your garden.


With a new fence, you can transform your modest garden into a beautiful landscape. Picket fences are popular choices because they tend to enhance the view rather than obstruct it; they are not typically very tall, and they often consist of slats that have space between them. You may also consider thin rail fences that allow for vine and plant growth as well as give you the opportunity to show off hanging plants.


Different types of material offer varying benefits and drawbacks in terms of aesthetics, maintenance, and durability. Wood fences can be stunning and long-lasting at the expense of requiring regular maintenance and occasional repainting or refinishing. On the other hand, chain link fences do not require upkeep but may not be the most visually appealing addition to your garden. One material that serves as an excellent compromise of maintenance and beauty is PVC. PVC fences can visually enhance your garden while requiring little maintenance, and they are typically affordable as well.


The right fence may not only show off your garden but protect it as well. Consider slat and picket spacing when you begin your fence installation. The closer together your slats or pickets, the more privacy, and protection they will offer; however, this reduced visibility may prevent people from being able to see your garden.

For further assistance in choosing a new fence for your garden, contact Paramount Fence or visit our website. We are a fence repair and installation service that operates in the Naperville area. If you live in the area, feel free to call us at 630-225-7680 or stop in and meet with us to learn about our aluminum, PVC, and red cedar fences today.