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Once you decide to begin a fence installation project, you’ll need to choose your fencing materials. Both wood fences and chain link fencing makes good fences, but which one is right for your home? Here is a look at the benefits of wood fences and chain link fences, and how you can determine which is best for your new fence installation.

The Benefits of Wood Fences

Wood remains one of the most popular fencing materials. Wood fences are environmentally friendly, as wood is a sustainable resource and can be recycled or reused when fencing becomes too old. Wood fences are easy to maintain, attractive, and often look better with age. A wood fence can be painted, stained, or finished to complement the surrounding architectural and landscape design. Additionally, wooden fence repairs and maintenance are simple and affordable.

The Benefits of Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are affordable, low-maintenance, and secure. While they aren’t ideal as a privacy fence, they are the perfect material for pet fencing. Metal fences can be customized with vinyl fence coatings, wood fence posts and rails, and galvanized or aluminum fence materials. Chain link fences are also one of the most affordable fence installation options.

How to Choose Between the Two

The material that you choose for your fence installation will primarily depend upon the purpose of the fence, your budget, and your own aesthetic preferences. A wood fence offers unbeatable visual appeal and can be improved with decorative elements if you desire an ornamental fence. A chain link fence, aluminum fence, or metal fence is perfect for a simple, practical, low-maintenance fence installation.

If you’re trying to decide between a wood fence or chain link fence near Chicagoland, contact the fence experts at Paramount Fence. Our fence installation experts can help you pick the perfect fencing material for your home. We also offer fence maintenance and repair services. To learn more about our residential and commercial fence services, call us today at 630-239-2714.