If you are looking to install a brand new fence, or give your existing fence an update, you may be thinking about how you can give your home a unique look. While many homeowners opt for a traditional wooden fence or a pleasing ornamental metal fence, it is increasingly more popular for homeowners to use a bit of creativity in their fence installation. Think outside the box, and give your home a contemporary flair with a more creative design. To get your inspiration flowing, keep reading for some of the most popular ways to renew your fence.

Consider Different Levels and Height

A great way to give your fence a modern look with traditional materials is to install the fence at different heights. Having some portions of a fence higher or lower than others is a creative way to maximize privacy where needed without sacrificing views. If appearance over function is more your style, consider aligning different slabs of wood of varying length side by side.

Mix Up and Match Different Materials

Mix up your fence options by incorporating more than one material. Mixing wood and metal together in your fence can create a modern, industrial look that still feels like home. Metal and stone fences can create an updated, chic look to your fence. For a look that gives you privacy, but allows a way to look out, consider a wall fence with gaps filled in by a metal design.

Think About Alternate Materials

Getting creative with your fence installation doesn’t mean you have to create a completely new and unique design. You can create a creative look by considering different materials for your fence. Stone and rock are not a traditional material used in fencing, but can give the feel of sculpture art surrounding your yard.

Whether you are looking for a way to update your ornamental fence or give your yard a whole new design, Paramount Fence, Inc. can help you find the option right for your home. To learn more about all the fences we offer, including dog proof fences near Chicagoland , call (630) 225-7680.