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Where Chain Link Fencing Is a Better Choice

Chain link is sort of the underdog of fencing materials. It’s not stylish or elegant, doesn’t offer the privacy of wooden or vinyl fences, and doesn’t give the protection of iron or steel. Still, it’s a popular fencing material, because it’s durable, versatile, and affordable. In fact, here are three examples of when chain link fencing is a better option than just about any other fencing material.

  • When you’ve got a tight budget, chain link is likely to be your best choice.
    • Chain link is one of the lowest costing fencing materials per square foot, yet it’s a reliable option. The relatively small investment you’ll make in chain link fencing will provide you with a fence that lasts for many years. What’s more, chain link is so low maintenance that you probably won’t have to pay for repairs and replacements during the years you enjoy your chain link fence. Even if your fence does need repair, it will cost less to repair it than it costs to repair other types of fencing.
  • If security is your priority, chain link provides a strong, secure option.
    • Your chain link fence can be installed at different lengths and heights, and you can even add razor wire at the top for additional security. Breaking through a chain link fence is extremely difficult, and if the
    • fence is high, it’s difficult and dangerous to climb. Because it’s so secure, it’s a material commonly used in prisons, military complexes, and other places where security is vital.
  • If you live somewhere with extreme weather, chain link may be your best option.
    • Excessive heat, snow, and high winds can wreak havoc on certain fencing materials. Wooden fences, for instance, can warp, spit, and crack when faced with snow and ice, while chain link fencing stands up to the elements. In hurricane-prone areas, chain link fencing is an excellent option because the open weave allows wind and water to pass through.

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